Making a Game in a Day

This was the first game I completed. I have made other, unfinished, games in the past but I have only done this as a hobby. This was the first time I want to make a completed game I would feel happy releasing. I started off giving myself strict deadlines on getting stuff completed. I did this because I knew if I spent any longer than a day I would start to lose interest in making something simple as this game was. I started off by making some simple assets. I made sure I only completed the ones I would be programming in the game, the player and the zombies, and then with the extra time I had left I made some extra environmental pieces, the table and the interior of the room. I did this using Magica Voxel as this was an easy and quick to use program. It also allowed me to give it a simple, cartoon look. Once I had finished this I started doing the programming, which took the bulk of my time. And then I used royalty free sound, music and font websites to polish it. I could have taken some extra time to make this myself but I felt it would have been a misuse of my time when I wanted to get it done within the day. Overall one thing I took away from this project is that deadlines are key. Knowing that everything had to be done by a certain time allowed me to prioritize everything in a way I wouldn't have done before. 

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